Research and Development Senior Project Engineer

Company Name:
Freudenberg Household Products, LP
Provide technical competence in respective tasks of new product development activities throughout all stages from concept development to production launch which includes, but is not limited to Engineering Project Management; Plastics product design using injection molding; Creation of 3D-CAD-Models with Advanced Surfacing and Drawings with GD&T controls using SolidWorks; (Rapid) Prototyping; Prototype Mold Plan; Coordination and execution of all specific technical tasks in concept ideation; Finite element analysis (FEA); Participation in tooling preparation; Pre-production design validation and start-up of production for both domestically and offshore programs; Collaboration on research and development projects including project scoping and prototype verification tests, launch, and roll-out stage; Oversee all technical services relating to product testing, FEA analysis in correlation to lab testing data, verification and validation on re-engineered existing products and addressing quality concern issues; Perform Finite Element Analysis for linear, non-linear, static, dynamic and heat transfer using simulation computer programs for R&D department; Conduct computational analysis using fluid dynamics; Work with R&D engineers on all mechanical/structural/thermal analysis requirements for all R&D innovation/renovation programs; Develop technical product test plans and correlate analysis data with product test results to establish reliable and accurate modeling and analysis techniques; Prepare, change, and update product specification changes as needed to ensure engineering updates result in production quality improvements, and collaborate with suppliers to manage the pilot mold construction, documentation, and inspection reports of trial runs; Provide engineering support to develop DFMEA through product testing and validation, and design control measures for monitoring production including analyzing fixtures, initiating required measures to improve quality of existing products based on customer concerns.
Location: Aurora, IL
Salary: $96,990 per year
Education: Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering or in a related field of study (will accept equivalent foreign degree).
Training: None
Experience: Five (5) years in the position above, as a CAE Analyst, or in a related occupation.
Experience must include Engineering Project Management; SolidWorks; Advanced Surfacing; Finite Element Analysis for linear, non-linear, static, dynamic & heat transfer; fluid dynamics; Injection molding; and GD&T.
Will also accept any suitable combination of education, training, and/or experience.
All applicant resumes must be submitted via: 1st Class U.S. Mail to:

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